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At LuLu’s Day Care, we have an appropriate bilingual preschool curriculum. Our preschool teaches all of the following subjects in English and Spanish: colors, shapes, patterns, tracing shapes, letters, sounds, beginner writing (tracing over already-written words) and word recognition, reading readiness (story sequence, classifying sets of objects, identifying rhymes in words and pictures and practicing directional paths from left to right), early math (introduced to number words, counting and comparing sets of objects, measurements attributes, ordinal numbers, time, and money), science (that incorporates art and movement), and social studies (encourages self-awareness and community).

With year-round programs in Spanish and English immersion, our bilingual preschool provides children with priceless language exposure at an important time in their lives. By giving priority to your child’s unique interests and abilities within the core of our developmentally appropriate, bilingual instruction, we form a powerful base of knowledge that will last your child a lifetime. Within our nurturing, trusting environment, we demonstrate to your child the true value of education.

Any adult who has attempted to learn a second language knows exactly how difficult it can be! You may be wondering whether this type of challenge is right for your child. The fact of the matter is that children pick up a second language naturally as they spend time in the program. Kids in our bilingual preschool child care program enjoy the challenges of learning the language, and their new-found ability to express themselves in new and different ways.

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